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Rig Move Service

Sunline provide safe rig move service, whether rig move from south Iraq to north Iraq, work over rig or big drilling rig, sun line has the prober equipments & staff assigned for this specific job.

Our project management approach to every rig move provides our client with safe, efficient, and cost effective transitions. Our experienced personnel 
combined with our custom-tailored equipment have helped our clients succeed time and time, We have done many succeeded & safe rig move for our clients in south of Iraq (between Basra oil fields – Maysan oil fiels) for Daqing oil company, Bohai Oil Company, Our special rig move team has very good experience with Drilling & work over rig that help to save rig part while rig move operation, Certified crane & trucks operators will made the safest & efficient rig move operation , Sunline has special Maintenance team will help in case for any problem while rig move operation.

Sunline has the capacity to move your rig across land.